Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan Basics

  • Short-term loan with a set interest rate
  • Regular payments and a set term length
  • Wide range of loan amounts available
  • Simple 4-step application process that takes minutes
  • Obtain approval within 24-48 hours
  • Get the best rate with offers from multiple lenders

How Does a Small Business Loan Work?

Most small businesses will require financing during their journey. As an entrepreneur, you may need start-up financing for facilities, equipment, or inventory.

Even once you’ve operated for years, you may need financing to cover cash flow needs, to hire more employees, or expand operations.

Business loans are similar to other types of personal financing. You repay the loan with interest over a period of time set by the lender.

There are a number of small business loans available, including term loans, financing for specific purposes and lines of credit.

Historically, businesses had to go to their local bank to get a loan. Unfortunately, banks nowadays find business loans too risky and often have stringent requirements for borrowers.

Stream Capital is committed to getting you the financing you need in the shortest time frame possible.